How to Choose the Right CCTV Camera


CCTV security is the enhancement of safety and security of one’s home electronically. With the upgrade in technology, the security of you and your property has been greatly advanced in that you can take care of your home anywhere and anytime you want. There are plenty of CCTV security equipment with various features. They differ in costs depending on the features of the camera. The more features a camera has, the more expensive it is and the less features a camera has, the cheaper it is. There are CCTV cameras that can be programmed to work when you are far from home and those that are scheduled to work with the burglar alarm kits. You need to put several things into consideration when selecting the right CCTV security equipment.

You need to know if you want the home CCTV security cameras dubai to record in black and white or record in color. This will help you plan financially as the cameras that capture colored videos are much more expensive than those that capture videos in black and white. There are also those that capture in both depending on the lighting conditions.

Also, consider the resolution you require of the video output. Resolution is the number of lines that form the footage on a monitor. The output is clearer when the number of lines are more. It is important to ensure that your monitor you want to use your Samsung CCTV camera can accommodate the resolution of the security camera


It is important also to consider the speed at which the capture rate will be. This will help you determine the amount of data in your camera. You should also know or decide if you would want your camera to be in a fixed position or not. There are PTZ cameras that can tilt and zoom for a better view of an area and those that are mounted on a particular area without moving. These are the most common cameras.

Decide if you need your camera wireless or wired. Wireless cameras are easy to install as they do not need complicated wiring. If you choose the wired cameras, it is vital to label the wires correctly and know where the wires are running. Both the wired and the wireless models are battery operated. Get to know the form and shape of the camera you would like to use. The cameras are in different shapes such as the bullet cameras, box cameras, and dome cameras and hidden cameras. The most popular cameras for home use are the hidden cameras.


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